De Alliantie: Maintenance can be quicker, more accurate and cheaper


Is it possible to digitalize the work of a housing inspector? This is the central question that is discussed in Corporatiebouw’s latest article, where it is revealed how “De Woningcorporatie van de Toekomst” program aims to improve inspection processes with the help of OCTO’s drone imaging technology. (via CORPORATIEBOUW)

Managing housing inspections is a time-consuming task for managers in the sector, and it is a process that can benefit greatly from “going smart”, as mentioned by Fred Jak, Program Manager at de Alliantie.

“The new method is just as good as the work of an experienced craftsman”

said Jak, when evaluating a comparison between human and artificial inspection earlier this year. “If the smart image recognition results are satisfactory, we’ll have a façade inspection method that makes human input mostly unnecessary”.

Images are taken with the help of Aeroscan’s drones

The tested inspection method involves a flight around the housing unit with a drone equipped with a high-quality camera, and the image recognition technology developed by OCTO. Pictures taken by the drone’s camera are analyzed by an algorithm, that identifies various defects on the outer surface of a building. There is a high emphasis on privacy too, with current processes focusing on automatic blurring of windows during the analyzing process, ensuring the privacy of tenants in the buildings.

It is not only in de Alliantie’s interest to use new techniques when it comes to making housing inspections more efficient. The new initiative “De Woningcorporatie van de Toekomst” (The Housing Corporation of the Future) is a platform that entails the innovation-agenda of various companies in the sector. The platform includes ten housing corporations and two tech-firms (including OCTO), working together in order to make the maintenance of housings more effective, efficient, and affordable with innovative methods that fit the needs of contemporary companies.

For more information about de Alliantie’s stand and the platform, visit the original article here.