Dashboard Update: November 2019


OCTO’s dashboard received a new look this Fall. Our team has been working hard on making the new design modern, appealing, and clean in order to provide a better experience for our users. Below, you can find an overview of our release notes shared on the day of release.

Want to watch a quick video of the updates instead? Click on the link below: https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/6128094/dashboard-update-video-octo.mp4

Updated landing page

The landing page is where you log in, or – in case your password manager fails on you – where you can request a new password. The landing page is the first impression you’ll get of our platform: it should be clean, crisp and secure!

Cleaner portfolio overview

Your portfolio overview shows you all the available analysis for every building. We’ve made it cleaner and easier to read. With the new design being slicker, you can have more buildings on the screen at the same time for easier navigation.

See the comparison between the new (left) and the old (right) design below:

Improved accessibility

On the dashboards, you’ll see the aggregated data first. We’ve added small headers so you’ll always know what data you look at, and what it is based on. You can now see the most important data in the middle of the screen when you click on the OccupancyComfort, and Spaces tabs. The boxes show you information about the current, minimum and maximum measures of each type of building data. By clicking on one of these boxes, you can access the two-day, monthly, and yearly overview and analysis of the selected datatype.

See the comparison between the new and old pages below:

Modern, fluent charts

Charts showing temperature, humidity, and other building data received an updated look, from the older line-chart design to a more modern and fluent one. The charts remain interactive, and the time periods of the overviews can still be adjusted.

See the comparison between the new and old design below:

New feature: analysis on zone-level

While listening to our users’ feedback, it became apparent that specific zones within buildings require specific attention when it comes to occupancy. Our Occupancy overview now allows you to set up specific zones within your building with traffic data you can inspect in detail. This feature will be expanded to the indoor-climate analysis.

Coming up: Filtered Map View

As we’ve found out from interviews with our users, filtered viewing options are extremely useful features that make facility managers’ tasks easier when looking for specific data within their portfolio.

The feature is still in development, alongside other useful options for easier management. Take a look at the pictures below for a teaser of what this feature will look like!

As our projects develop further, so does our platform. The new design is available to all users as of 07/11/2019, with new functions and options expected to be added in the following weeks/months. We’ll make sure to keep you updated on recent developments as we proceed further.

If you happen to have any feedback or features you’d like to see on our platform, or functions you wish our platform could do for you, do not hesitate to let us know via sending an email to info@octo.nu!