We are Octo.
We enable buildings to look after people.

Our mission

From ancient to modern times, people have loved buildings. It's where we are born, where we make our first steps and where we learn from the people around us. Whether we sleep or focus, work or have fun, socialise or exercise, buildings are there for us.

But spending 87% of our time indoors can be unpleasant if our buildings are not well maintained. Bad air quality, cracks in the masonry, humidity and bacteria can threaten our buildings and the people inside them. So how can we make sure that our buildings are healthy?

This is where we come in. Through our technology, we give your building a way to let you know when something is wrong and what needs fixing. We make your building smart, so it can take better care of you.

Our team

Tara Campagne

Co-founder / COO
Makes the best tea

Marieke Dijksma

Co-founder / CTO
Skates hard

Dirk Huibers

Co-founder / CEO
Ping-pong king

Gina Stavropoulou

Data scientist
Recommends great movies

Arent van Korlaar

Data scientist
Protector of plants

Kristiaan van Korlaar

Senior developer
Part-time viking

Anouk Knip

Accounting / HR
Never loses count

Gijs Koot

Data scientist
Always serious

Koen Bogers

Front-end developer
Aero all the way

Danny Peeters

Senior developer

Floris de Grip

Software engineer
Jukebox master

Bertalan Varga

Hungarian spiderman

Lucas van der Horst

Data scientist
Chief demo organiser

Jesse Danckaarts

Data scientist
Serious coffee lover

Niels Dijkstra

Customer success
Rides epic waves

Jeremy Terol

Business development
Heart of the party

Andra Ciuperca

Competitive notetaker

Satrya Sabeni

Computer vision
Player Nr. 1

Jurn van den Berg

Data analyst
Streetwear idol

Timo Walraven

Customer success graduate

Niels Norbart

Customer success graduate

Vincent Mulder

Junior developer
Wannabe slav

Shivan Rambaran

Software development intern

Ricky Baidjnathmisier

Software development intern

Jort Siegers

Junior Developer

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