Offices - Strijp S

Datapoints per year: 2.102.400 REST
Measuring: temperature, CO2, humidity, soundlevel
3D model of the area

Schools - Oersprong

Datapoints per year: 4.590.240 GBS - 365 API
Measuring: ºC, CO2, humidity, electricity usage, electricity generation, opening hours.
With a dashboard in the hallway, everyone is informed about the sustainable, healthy school.

Dwellings - Innovatief390

Datapoints per year: 11.493.120 GRSS - 1.436.640 API
Measuring: electricity & generation, heat, water usage, noise, weather.

Hotels - Drakenburg

Datapoints per year: 3.153.600 REST
Measuring: temperature, humidity, gas.

Dwellings - Acta

Offices - Itron

Datapoints per year: 1.752.000 REST
Measuring: heat & gas.

Offices - Biltz

Datapoints per year: 365.600 REST
Measuring: temperature, humidity, gas.

Schools - Hotelschool

Datapoints per year: 9.460.800 REST
Measuring: temperature, humidity, CO2. Combined in a 3D model

Tailormade - Kleurrijkwonen