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The Housing Corporation of the Future (WoCo van de Toekomst) Platform is Live!

OCTO’s long-awaited WoCo dashboard is live!

OCTO’s long-awaited WoCo dashboard is live with ver 1.0! Check out our videos to gain more insight on the history and technical aspects of the project.

Dashboard Update: November 2019

A new look

OCTO’s dashboard received a new look this Fall. Our team has been working hard on making the new design modern, appealing, and clean in order to provide a better experience for our users.

What Housing Corporations Need: Innovation, Integrated Systems, and Easier Collaboration

What Our Experience Shows

Housing companies are heading towards the right direction. However, there are still challenges they need to face on a daily basis. Better data management, embracing innovation, and increased collaboration are frequent issues that need to be tackled.

The Internet of Things: An Introduction to OCTO’s Solution

The tech of the future is already here

The Internet of Things is a commonly used buzzword nowadays that is forecasted to change the way we live, work and function in the future. Read along to learn more about its connection to our processes.