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The Internet of Things: An Introduction to OCTO’s Solution

The tech of the future is already here

The Internet of Things is a commonly used buzzword nowadays that is forecasted to change the way we live, work and function in the future. Read along to learn more about its connection to our processes.

Sensors In Scalable Solutions: 4 Reasons Why We Use Them

The Bread and Butter of Smart Offices

Sensors are some of the greatest things ever to exist on our planet. This statement shouldn’t come as a surprise from a smart-tech company, but there are many reasons why we stand by it. Read along to find out why we believe so much in them.

De Alliantie: Maintenance can be quicker, more accurate and cheaper

The Next Steps Towards Digitalization

As technology develops, contemporary housing corporations are looking for new ways to make inspections more efficient. (via CORPORATIEBOUW)

The Never Ending Struggle of No-Shows and Overbookings in Offices

Something we can relate to

No-shows, overbookings, full rooms, we could go on forever. Things we encounter on a daily basis, yet there is a lack of action against them. Thankfully, innovative technology can provide an answer to the problem we all have.